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[CANCELLED] Crate Build Contest!!
4 months ago



Crate Build Contest:


New Cash Shop
4 months ago

We have finally implemented a cash shop. Go have a look at it. All proceeds go back to the server itself. I would also like to say thank you ahead of time!!

Enderchest Change
4 months ago

Everyone knows that Billy made a modification to the enderchest where they have 6 rows of inventory space. Due to unforseen circumstances within staff, we are having issues with losing enderchest items. To prevent further damage to player's items we have decided to revert back to the vanilla enderchest of 3 rows.

Pl3x Gaming MC 1.14.4
6 months ago

Welcome to Minecraft 1.14.4!

Our server is now updated to 1.14.4. Feel free to join us and connect at

We also have new features added to our customized Paper Fork (Purpur):

  • Stoner96's Anti X-Ray
  • Kickash's per-player mob cam limit
  • More additions to Billy's ridable mobs
:O A wild website appears!
6 months ago

Welcome to Pl3x's official home on the interwebz.


Bare with us as we get things whipped into shape.


This site will host all things Pl3x related. This includes our gaming community, the Purpur project, plugin development projects, and even our very own self hosted Minecraft server.


Check back later for many helpful things such as tutorials/walkthroughs, vote listings, server status, general forums, downloads, and so much more. ^_^

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